Communication - Januany 25th 2021

Following the announcement of the recall of Anti-Microbial Alcohol Free Disinfectant products due to a new Health Canada standard requiring the mention (for industrial use) on the label, more details below.

Please note that the product has been approved by Health Canada for more than 10 years and is still on the list of products approved for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Products containing 0.3% benzalkonium chloride are now restricted to industrial use (e.g. health care facilities and food processing plants) for adults. This information should appear on the label of the product.

The maximum concentration of benzalkonium chloride in hand sanitizers for personal or household use is now 0.15%.

Following the recommendations, the manufacturer has made the necessary adjustments and replaced it with a new “M” formula with an adjusted Benzalkonium Chloride concentration of 0.15% instead of 0.3%.

The Anti-Microbe product is gentler on the skin and is more economical to use and better for the environment thanks to the foaming effect that consumes 65% less product per application compared to alcohol-based products.

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